Fees policy:

All fees must be paid at registration. One off admin fee of £25 will also need to be paid. Please note course fees are non transferable to other persons.


Any complaint or request must be submitted in writing at the reception. We aim to respond within 2 working days. For details please read our complaint policy.


  • Student’s unauthorised absence: no refund or extra class will be provided.
  • Teacher’s absence: no refund but recovering class will be scheduled. For more info please read the Policy regarding Student Absentees
During a minimum of 3 months course, if a student wishes to take minimum time off, please provide:
  • For illnesses: Medical certificate and a written request;
  • Holidays: Copy of confirmed flight bookings and written request.

Once you take a course, the classes will not be re-scheduled in any case beyond 2 weeks of your course end date.


  • 2 weeks or more prior to course commencement date: 50% fee refund
  • Once the course has started, no refund is available. Rescheduled classes can be requested at the discretion of the management.

Lost items:

Students should take care of their personal belongings as the college will not be responsible for any lost items.

Privacy policy:

South London Learning Centre is responsible for the protection of students’ personal information. The College reserves the right to use photographs taken during the classes for promotional materials. Should a student not wish for his/her photo to be used, please let the reception know in writing.

Changing timetable or group:

Students wishing to exchange their original choice of course must pay the difference in value (if there is any) to complete the transfer.

Letter of attendance:

A letter of attendance can be provided on request at the end of the course for £10.


Certificates are issued at the end of a course and after successful completion of relevant exam for £25 for in-house or £40 through an External Awarding Body.


South London Learning Centre operates a strict no children policy while you are attending classes. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we do not have the necessary facilities to accommodate children.


There is a 0 Tolerance policy towards Abusive Behaviour towards our staff of any of the clients. A student reported for the offence would be terminated with no fee refunds.