We prepare you for the TRINITY A1/A2 SELT EXAM for a sure pass!

How is the Course Structured?

We specialise in preparing you to pass your exams through our unique set of preparation techniques which include:

Language Functions
Grammar and Lexis
 We make sure that you are prepared for

the language functions such as:

·         Requests

·         Questions

·         Statements

·         Describing people, animals, objects and places

·         Indicating the position of things/people

We make sure that you include required grammar points, such as:

·         Determiners

·         WH Questions

·         Present Simple and Continuous

·         Learn and include specific Lexis

Entry Requirements:

No Prior Learning is mandatory for this course however, if you have studied any English/ESOL course before, please bring your certificates at the time of registration.

When you register you will take an Initial Assessment to help us see what level of English you are at. The Initial Assessment will take 25-30 minutes. Bring any record of prior learning (if available).

Documnets Needed:

1-     Proof of ID ( Valid Passport, Valid BRP or European Union ID Card only)

2-     Proof of Address

3-     1 Passport Size Photo

All courses are offered for adults (18+) only.

Class Structure:

Preparation classes are mostly handled in a 1-1 structure in order to provide flexibility and focus for individual needs. However, in some cases the classes could be provided for small groups for practice and confidence building through peer support. Maximum class size is approximately 10-12 students.

Class Timing:

At the moment, the South London Learning Centre operates on a flexible basis. This means that there are no specific term dates, rather we will work with every student to provide a timetable suited to their individual availability. This might change in future.

We are open every day of the week except Sundays. We are closed for Christmas and Boxing Day. There also will be holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Class Timetable:

Choose from regular weekday, weekend or 1-1 options at the time of registration.

The Guided Learning Hours:

The guided hours for this test preparation vary from person to person depending upon their level of English Proficiency, Prior Learning and Pace of Learning. It can vary from 3 hours to 30 hours depending upon the needs and preferences of the candidates.

Registration & Booking for Exam (online only):

Trinity Awarding Body Exam Fee: £150 + £12 Secure Delivery Charges (Not inclusive in our fee). Our staff will assist you in the exam booking.

Choose a London Centre:




Exam & Result:

You will be provided provisional results immediately after the test. A formal Certificate will be available within 5-7 working days from SLLC reception.

Certificate Collection:

After you pass your exam, you may make an appointment with us to collect your certificate at your convenience during our working hours. Please bring your ID when you arrive to collect. You will also be requested to fill a FEEDBACK FORM at this point.

Our Fee: £190 only

(Includes registration £25, learning material £20 and booking assistance £30, payable at the time of registration. Also includes exam preparation with an experienced examiner and tutor!)