Bold = For Staff Pack

Italic = For Student Pack

Underline = For both packs

Welfare and student services:
  • W1 Risk assessment Policy Procedures
  • W4 Abusive Behaviour Policy
  • W28 Leisure Programme Notice
Teaching and learning:
  • T20 Examination Policy and Procedure
  • M6 Staff Recruitment Policy
  • M7 Staff Induction Procedure
  • M8 Staff Appraisal Process and Policy
  • M9 CPD Activities and Policy
  • M14 Student Absences Policy
  • M15 Student Termination Policy
  • M20 Complaints (and Appeals) Policies
  • M22 Access to Resources Policy
Care of under 18s:
  • C1 Safeguarding Policy
Data Protection:
  • Data Protection Policy
Health and Safety:
  • Health and Safety Policy
Not specified in British Council handbook:
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Student Recruitment Policy
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Public Information Policy
  • Lesson Planning and Observation Policy (UNFINISHED)