Life in the UK Preparation Made Easy



The Life in the UK Test is a requirement for people applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain and British Citizenship after 28th October 2013 along with B1 English language certificate as per Family Migration changes announced by UKBA

For those who are going to apply for ILR or Naturalization after November 2015 we will be able to offer a package which includes B1 Level English Test and Life In the UK Preparation course.



SLLC has developed valuable resources to facilitate learning to suit all learning styles.

The LIFE in the UK Preparation is a 5-week (30 Hrs) Course


Class Times :

Tuesday Thursday Saturday
11-2PM 11-2PM 11-3PM
Please choose from week days or Saturday class.



The material used are :

1- The official Book

2- The CDs for those who prefer to listen

3- The Frequent test questions ( We have narrowed down 450 frequent questions from the actual tests) available in PRINT and AUDIO form

4- The Test Software (Based on official test questions to track your progress)

5- Summary Slides ( Pictures and Main points to make revision easy !)

Course Outline:

Summary Slides Workshop No of Slides Pages from the Book Time (30Hrs)
1 Induction 29 1-25 3 Hours
2 Birth of a Nation 35 26-40(14) 5 Hours
3 Empire 17 41-52 (11) 5 Hours
4 20th Century 34 53-69 (16) 3 hours
5 Modern Society 33 71-97 (26) 1 Hour
6 Modern Society 26 97-117 (20) 1 Hour
7 UK Govt. Law and Your Role 31 119-139 (20) 3 Hours
8 Respect the Law 22 140-153 (13) 3 Hours
9 Role in Community 10 155-160 (5) 3 Hours
10 Mock Test 3 Hours

Enroll any day/time !

If you do not have time to attend classes, we can provide material according to your needs . We also can assist you in booking the exams.


Fee and Prices:  

Registration Fee: £25 ( Non Refundable/ not applicable to already registered students for other courses with us )

Test Booking Services: £30 ( Free for our students)

Regular Course: £250 for 5 weeks ( Includes the official books, Notes,Computer Skills and Software for test practice )

1-1 Tailor Made Tuition: £15/hr (20 hours intensive course)

Material for sale: Books, Audio CDs, Summary Slides, Question Papers/ AUDIO  (Ask at reception)

Useful websites:

We also recommend the following websites:

UKBA Official site , where you can book your test and take the official practice test.