Teachers Training

Teachers Training

Award and Education & Training is a new training introduced instead of PTLLS ( Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Sector) course.


This course is offered at Level 3 and Level 4.

Who is this course for:

It is a threshold course for anyone who is already teaching as an assistant or wishes to start a career in Adult Teaching Sector. There is an ever increasing demand for Teachers around the world, especially English Teachers. This course can enable and equip you to start an amazing career as an English Language Teacher just anywhere in the world. However, the course is not limited to English Teachers only. 


The course at Level 3 is £350 or £400 at Level 4. However we offer a reduced price for Christmas and LARGE GROUPS ( of 10 people)

Study Plan: South London Learning Centre

Credit Value 60 Hrs (30+30)

Provision In-House/ On a company’s Venue

Duration 4 days Teaching +The Time Learners take to Complete all Assignments

(Certificate received within 14 days after course completion)


Learning Outcomes
Understanding :

Own role and responsibilities

Boundaries of Role as a Teacher

Appropriate teaching and Learning Approaches

Demonstrate Session Planning Skills

Delivering an Inclusive Session which motivates learners

Applying Assessment Methods and Record Keeping Skills


Day 1: Induction

Introduction to the course contents and Assessment criteria

Teaching: Chapter 1 and 2

Day 2: Feedback: Assignment 1 and 2

Teaching: Chapter 3 and 4

Session: Lesson Planning

Day 3: Lesson Planning: Feedback and Mock Practice

Teaching: Chapter 5

Day 4: Micro-Teaching: 15 minutes sessions

Peer Observation: 45 Minutes

Feedback: Assignment 4 and 5

NOTE: The teaching could be in 4 consecutive days or can be adjusted as 1 or 2 days a week according to the learners’ needs and availability.

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