Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa
Who Needs the Spouse Visa Course?

Are you a Spouse/Partner/Family member who needs the A1*, A2* qualification for your VISA?

If you wish to apply for a Spouse/Partner/Family Visa, you need to demonstrate your knowledge of the English language by gaining an A1 qualification to submit with your Visa application. The application is called Further Leave to Remain, FLR(O).

*A1 is the minimum requirement; if your level is higher than this, you will undertake the course at the appropriate level for you.

Since November 2015, only the SELT A1 exam is accepted by the UKVI. It means if you do A1 from just any Awarding body, it will not be acceptable for your visa extension purposes.

Also, as of October 2016 if you already have a visa and wish to extend it, you would need to take the SELT A2 Exam. This is one level higher than A1.

Click the highlighted names of the tests for more information.

Why Choose SLLC?

At South London Learning Centre we have experienced teachers and former examiners to assist you to prepare for SELT A1 Entry 1 Speaking and Listening exam for your UK Spouse/Partner/Family Visa.

For the last two years, since the SELT exam was introduced, our pass result ratio is 100%.

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