English for Private Hire Drivers

English for Private Hire Drivers
We are now offering the English test with preparation course for Private Hire Drivers.
All it takes is 10 hours over 2 weeks for you to get the qualification!

Who Does This Test Apply To?

Transport for London has created new English language requirements for its drivers. For ALL drivers from the 1st October 2016 onward, an English language exam will be needed to be taken and passed. This will have to be done before applying for the license. Details are available on TFL official page.


Exam Modules:

The exam is corresponding to the B1 Level, and will contain 4 skills, which will assess a person’s proficiency through several tasks incorporating GRAMMAR, LEXIS and PRONUNCIATION.

Learning Points
Writing 1 Hr 1.     MCQs2.     Fill in the Blanks

3.     Correcting Spellings Mistakes in a given text

4.     Completing a Form/Job Application

5.     Writing a Letter

Parts of SpeechDescribing

Personal Details

Present/Past/Past Perfect/Future Tense


Reading 1 Hr MCQs based on an:1.     Advertisement

2.     Short Article

3.     Form

4.     Email

Finding Gist of a Text/ParagraphFinding Details in a Text

Identifying Parts of Speech

Punctuation Marks

Types of Texts

Listening & Speaking 10-15 Mins 1-    Questions about the Gist and Details of a text2-    Discussion

3-    Presentation

4-    Asking Questions

GrammarLanguage Function


Conversation Conventions


How is the Preparation Course Structured?
The course has four stages:
  1. Initial Assessment to see your current English proficiency level.
  2. Induction: Information about the Course, Centre,facilities, Heath and Safety matters, test and the teacher. Information about the awarding body and the waiting times for results.
  3. Format of the test and preparation in all four modules with constant feedback.
  4. In-house exam.

We are accredited with the Awarding Bodies Pearson and Edexcel and can hold the exam in our Centre. You do not need to travel elsewhere to take your exam.

Entry Requirements:

When you first come in and register , you will be given an Initial Assessment to see your current level of proficiency in English. After the assessment, you will be given feedback and a personal timetable for you to study with us and get to the level you need to pass.

All courses are offered for adults (18+) only.

Class Structure:

Preparation classes are mostly handled in a 1-1 structure in order to provide flexibility and focus for individual needs. However, in some cases the classes could be provided for small groups for practice and confidence building through peer support. Maximum class size is approximately 10-12 students.

Class Timing:

At the moment, the South London Learning Centre operates on a flexible basis. This means that there are no specific term dates, rather we will work with every student to provide a timetable suited to their individual availability. This might change in future.

We are open every day of the week except Sundays. We are closed for Christmas and Boxing Day. There also will be holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

The Guided Learning Hours:

The course will be at least 10 HOURS OVER 2 WEEKS focusing on the 4 skills you need for the exam.

Exam & Result:

You will be provided provisional results immediately after the test. A formal Certificate will be available within 7 working days.

Our Fee:

The Price for the test including registration, tuition, exam fee, learning materials and certification is £400. However an Early Bird Discount of £50is being offered as our introductory offer if you register before January 2017.

Call us on 0207 733 4759 or text us on 0755 116 7819 with your name and code PHDD to claim your discount!


If you have a pass result for SELT B1, that you might have taken for the Citizenship application, you will need to take only two modules : Reading and Writing.

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