Prepare the Trinity SELT B1 Exam for a sure pass!

South London Learning Centre aims at helping all our candidates to pass their test, at the very first attempt. Therefore, our experienced and well qualified examiners and trainers go an extra mile and support our students to prepare for their upcoming test two levels above their required level of CEFR. We ensure that you have clear understanding about the test format and tips to score higher than required. You would go for the test confident and prepared, on the day.

Why Choose SLLC?

Our teachers (some of those who have been working as examiners) have developed learning activities and mock tests which are very similar to the actual test. Once you go through the preparation course, you will have a clear idea on the format of the test, the type of questions that can be asked including the conversation conventions and grammar points to pass the test for sure!

Who Can Benefit from this Prep Course?

People who wish to pass an English Proficiency Test in order to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or Naturalization (British Passport).

How is the Course Structured?

The course is aimed at preparing candidates for the Listening and Speaking Test.

The course has five stages:
  1. Initial Assessment for Listening and Speaking test
  2. Induction: Information about the Course, Centre and the teacher. Information about the awarding body and the waiting times for results.
  3. Format of the test and Listening Practice
  4. Speaking Practice (Discussion Etiquette, Conversation Conventions)
  5. Mock-Test and Feedback

CLICK HERE for the detailed fact sheet about process and fees!

Entry Requirements:

Before the test, you will have to come for an initial assessment to determine the length of your preparation course. The course might vary from 3-30 hours depending upon your level at the time of initial assessment.

All courses are offered for adults (18+) only.

Class Structure:

Preparation classes are mostly handled in a 1-1 structure in order to provide flexibility and focus for individual needs. However, in some cases the classes could be provided for small groups for practice and confidence building through peer support. Maximum class size is approximately 10-12 students.

Class Timing:

At the moment, the South London Learning Centre operates on a flexible basis. This means that there are no specific term dates, rather we will work with every student to provide a timetable suited to their individual availability. This might change in future.

We are open every day of the week except Sundays. We are closed for Christmas and Boxing Day. There also will be holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

The Guided Learning Hours:

The guided hours for this test preparation vary from person to person depending upon their level of English Proficiency, Prior Learning and Pace of learning. It can vary from 6 hours to 30 hours depending upon the needs and preference of the candidate.

What do I do after I get the certificate?

Once you receive your certificate (within about 2 weeks after the test), you can send the certificate along with other required documents to the UKVI for your Visa Extension or Naturalization.