Do you need help with ‘Life in The UK’ tests for Naturalisation or Settlement?

‘Life in the UK’ is a test for those who wish to apply for a visa to get a UK Passport or Indefinite leave to remain. Living in the UK is something that people across the world dream about. The UK is a country that welcomes change, difference and embraces every culture, so it’s not hard to see why so many people choose to live here. With so many opportunities for the right education and jobs, you can understand why people flock to the UK from all corners of the globe.

While the UK will happily welcome new citizens, there are two main requirements for an applicant to fulfil: Passing the Life in the UK and proving his/her proficiency in English Language. Life in the UK is a computer based exam that tests your knowledge about the British History, Traditions, the Legal and Social System and general information about famous people, places and cultural diversity.

Here at South London Learning Centre, we help those that want to start a new life in the UK. We share our expertise to make the learning easy for those who are less able to read, write or even speak well. We have developed notes, audio-visual information summaries and online practice tools that can make your struggle easy while applying to become a British citizen or ILR.

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