Are you a medical graduate and would like to work in the UK? Perhaps you’re a university student? Do you need help preparing for your Cambridge IELTS test for higher bands? If so, South London Learning Centre provides training for both General and Academic IELTS to hit 7.5 bands.

The fundamental point of IELTS bands are to prove that you have good language skills for English. Whilst knowing the English language when living in the UK is a must, it’s crucial to understand the language when working in the medical sector.

Generally, many people have a good proficiency in English language. However, knowing the format of the test, the task-types and the skills to handle those tasks in a limited time is the element that makes the biggest difference in one’s band-scores.

Before you take your IELTS, it’s important to prepare for the test to give yourself the best possible chance of passing. At South London Learning Centre, we make sure that you are aware of the test format and have practiced important exam and language skills before sitting the exam.

Lasting for 32 hours and broken down into 7 sectors, our test preparation course allows you to be ready for your desired bands. We cover all 4 language skills and finish up with a mock test of the IELTS.

When you study with us, you will learn everything there is to know about the test you’re preparing for. We are proud to have some of the country’s leading teachers and IELTS examiners. You will have a chance to speak one-on-one with them while learning from them.