Are you looking to take the B1 test?

Whether you’re looking for naturalisation or wish to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, you are required to take the B1 test. The purpose of the test is to show you have a good understanding of the English language. Failure to pass will result in your application being denied, so it’s important to prepare beforehand.

Here at South London Learning Centre we are here to help you excel at the B1 test. We don’t just want you to pass, but we want you to pass with flying colours. The aim of our prep courses is to give you the skills and knowledge needed to go into your B1 test with confidence.

Our prep courses are flexible and tailored to you, and the length is dependant on what your initial assessment indicates. With our prep course not only will you get a chance to learn with likeminded individuals, but we will be able to offer one to one support to ensure you understand the course inside and out.

Alongside the B1 test, you must also pass the Life in the UK test, which we are also able to assist with. If you’d like to go ahead and book a place on one of our courses, book today via our website.